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Welcome to Ali's blog. A blog that has absolutely nothing to do with juggling monkeys. It doesn't really have anything to do with much, just me rambling on about random things.

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Friday, May 21, 2004
I think I'm going into some sort of full blown panic. I keep trying to get up and go and get ready and do things, but somehow I can't move from the computer, I have to get ready. I'm giving one of the bridesmaids a lift since she lives in Nottingham, so it made sense for us to go together, I don't know what time she will get here, I can't just sit around at the computer. I'm getting more worried. Need to think about something else. When I sit and type here even when typing about it, it oddly seems to lessen the stress a bit, but as soon as I stop and try to actually do something my insides feel all churny and I desparately don't want to do anything, I'm pathetic :-( It's a good job I'm not the one getting married, I'd be hopeless. Though there would be less scary people I guess.

I have to go to Swansea today for my friend's wedding. The wedding is tomorrow. I'm scared. I would say nervous, but I don't think nervous quite comes close to the feelings of terror I have. Why am I so scared? I don't think it's the actual wedding, I don't think it's the fact that a friend I've known since I was 11 is getting married, I think mostly it boils down to the fact that I am a geek. I am scared because I will be around girly girls and they'll be all giggly and excited. I'm scared because there'll be loads of people I don't know. The wedding itself oddly shouldn't be too bad, because I'm an usher, so I'll have lots of jobs to do and I can keep busy doing them all and making sure I'm all organised, it's the parts where I'm not actually doing anything that are scary. The parts where I don't know what to do and there's loads of people and I can't think of anything to say to them. Aaaargh. I should probably pack some stuff and get ready, I haven't even wrapped her presents yet, which I can't do without buying wrapping paper. I should do that.

I have this desire to just become invisible or something. It'll be good to see Julie get married, it's just all the scariness leading up to the wedding and then afterwards that I don't like.

Random observation of the day

All TVs these days seem to be silver.

Thursday, May 20, 2004

Random observation of the day

The living room carpet makes an excellent mousing surface for an optical mouse.

Wednesday, May 19, 2004
More on Eurovision: I just went and listened to the Estonian entry. I have to say I think James is mad to think they should have won. They don't look that interesting at all and the song is far too jolly.

Sorry James, couldn't resist. I mean you just said that me criticising you caused you to blog when you weren't planning on doing so, so I now know a way to provoke you into blogging, did you really think I wouldn't use it?

On a related note the original criticism I levelled at James now comes back onto me and everyone can see, that shock, horror! I don't know how the qualifying for Eurovision works! Gasp. Do I care? No, not really, I don't think they've had qualifying before have they? Or is it just that they never show it here, I just watch the show on the night, don't hear anything about it any other time. Missed it last year actually.

Random observation of the day

Rob broke our TV. Well, he tried to turn it on and it wouldn't, therefore he must have broken it, it's only logical. Some might say it was coincidence, or caused by the last person to use it, but I disagree. Don't know what's wrong with it, it's not the fuse, could be the button, one of the scart sockets had stopped working ages ago anyway, so it's about time we got a new one. So, I've bought a new one, but it's not in stock, so I have to pick it up tomorrow. So for now Lucas is downstairs pretending to be a TV. I put the TV card back in him and he seems to be working fine with it, so it was probably the firewire card that was causing the problem (I think I blogged a while back when he was crashing to say that taking both of those out solved the problem, if not I have now).

Monday, May 17, 2004
Thanks to James I have now remembered what the main thing I wanted to blog about was. How could I forget? It was of course the Eurovision Song Contest! Held in Istanbul, which of course gets the They Might Be Giants song in my head.

One thing I have to ask. Was the qualifying shown in all European countries? We didn't see the qualifying here. Okay, so we live in the UK and they don't show us the qualifying, yet James, in Australia, which, even with my poor geography skills, I'm pretty sure isn't in Europe, gets to see the qualifying, that makes no sense. Unless we just missed it, which is possible, but terribly sad, because we didn't get to see the Estonian entry, I wanted to see the sackcloth girls and insane drummer. Although perhaps the Ukranian entry made up for it.

I loved the Ukranian entry, for entertainment value they were certainly the best, so I was rooting for them, I was also cheering for Turkey who oddly were a Turkish ska band, very good, can't see that James mentioned them in his review. Anyway, musically Turkey were my favourites, but for entertainment I was going for the Ukraine. So I was pleasantly surprised as the voting went on to see them both doing very well. And was thrilled (yes, I started a sentence with and, see if I care) that the Ukrainian band actually won! Well done Europe you voted well, which meant I got to see the amazing Xena-like wild dancing people twice in the evening and we'll get to see them next year. Fantastic.

I did think that the UK song deserved more points than it got, okay I didn't particularly like it, but it was musically very good. I was surprised Ireland did so badly too.

Terry Wogan was not on top form though, didn't seem to be putting so much effort into his criticism. I know they tell him off, but really people watch Eurovision for his comments, he should stick to his guns and make amusing comments. He was still rude, but not as funny and didn't say as much. He didn't like the Turkish entry either, which makes me question his taste.

I often wonder if other European countries take it all more seriously than we do. We seem to think of it as a big joke, criticising all the political voting, which always seems a bit of a farce. Though Terry Wogan blows it up into a bigger thing than it is I think, he was complaning that it's getting worse, but I don't think it's any worse than it ever was and at the end of the day I don't think that political voting affects the top 5 that much. I mean it makes a difference in the ranking sure, but not a huge one, there's not enough countries all affiliated with the same one enough to push one into the lead. To get into the top 5 it's got to be a popular song because more than just a couple of countries have to be giving it a lot of points. The political voting only affects the order a little bit, perhaps giving one country a slight advantage over another. There are only a few countries that always give their neighbour 12. I had another theory about that though, if you think about it, neighbouring countries might be more likely to have similar musical tastes, particularly if they speak the same language and the song is in that language, in which case you might expect them to like their song more. Although this reasoning falls down on the simple fact that when it comes to it you often don't like your own country's entry as much as some of the other ones. I know I wouldn't have placed the UK entry in the top slot.

Right, so that was what you were waiting for, not sure you should be particularly pleased that I remembered.

Last night I can remember sitting on the settee, not a dance settee and I am not it's Lord, I hold no dominion over any performing arts furniture (sorry non Lee and Herring fans, which no doubt is most people, I'll get back to the point...) and I was thinking, well, that's several things I can blog about. Except now, I can't think what on earth they were. I don't think they were earth shattering and it was quite late, so its entirely possible that they only seemed interesting at the time. I have a feeling it had to do with the TV, we were watching music channels, but it might not have done. Very irritating, I should have come and blogged last night instead of going to bed.

I know one thing was a parody of Madonna's holiday which for some reason I began writing on the spur of the moment while it was on last night, it was called Bolognese, it fitted quite well. That wasn't the main thing I wanted to blog about though, that was a side issue.

Random observation of the day

I still have a box of christmas presents on the unit in my room. They're unwrapped and everything I've just never got round to putting them away. Isn't that terrible?

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