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Welcome to Ali's blog. A blog that has absolutely nothing to do with juggling monkeys. It doesn't really have anything to do with much, just me rambling on about random things.

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Saturday, February 01, 2003
Ahh, an update to my Christmassy ponderings on why Brussel Sprouts aren't just called sprouts. I was at Examples of Language Differences between Countries and States which wasn't particularly interesting, but did mention that:
"An American asking for "Sprouts" would probably mean "Bean sprouts" whereas in the U.K. this would mean "Brussel sprouts" (which is a small green leaved vegetable)."

So yes, of course, beansprouts, I didn't really think of them when I was trying to think of sprouts, 'cos they're all one word, maybe they aren't actually meant to be, I'm not sure, I've always just thought of them as beansprouts. Don't people have brussel sprouts in the US then? Presumably not as they had to describe them in their explanation.

Just in case you're wondering I am not Peter DeLuise. I know that you probably weren't thinking that I am, but quite a few people seem to think that I am and I was wondering if I was misleading people somehow on my site. I don't really understand it, I mean in order to get my email address off my site then they must have gone all the way down the front page. The email address is just below the section that says:

"I am not Peter Deluise, I am in no way affiliated with Peter Deluise, I have sadly never even met the man. I have no contact with him, any information on this site is therefore not first hand, I just wanted to set up the site because I appreciate his work. You are welcome to contact me, but don't think you're talking to Peter, you're not."

So how is it that I get emails telling me that I make a wondeful show and that my father and I are very funny and great actors? A couple of people have even signed my Guestbook which is at a completely different site, so they must have navigated round my sites quite a bit to find that, yet they still think I'm Peter DeLuise. Why? I can't see what I'm doing that would let people think I'm him, unless they think that he doesn't want anyone to know that he's running his own site and that's why he refers to himself in the third person all the time and denies being Peter DeLuise. Maybe people think I'll pass messages on, but if that's the case you'd think that they'd say that, instead of just talking to me as if I'm Peter DeLuise. I guess people don't actually read the details on the page, they just look for a contact address.

I should stop this rambling, I'm never going to find out, because however nice I am to people who've thought I'm Peter DeLuise, they never reply again, presumably they're too embarrassed 'cos they feel they've made a fool of themselves, so they never tell me what thoughts were running through their head as they composed the email.

Right then, going to do something constructive, I mean, I could consider this constructive, I guess I'm making something, but it's not really helpful in any way, shape or form, I can't really think of anything productive to do though. I could phone someone or something, I don't know. Maybe I'll write to Peter DeLuise, can't think what to say though.

Friday, January 31, 2003
I got good news at work (Enderby Library) yesterday. My contract has been renewed until March 2004, it was due to end at the end of March and we weren't sure if there'd be a job or not. I've also got more hours, not many more, just 5.25, it means I'll be working every Sat morning, which is a bit annoying 'cos it'll stop me doing stuff on Saturdays, but then, it's not like I actually do anything socially anyway, I can get the few Saturdays a year off that I'll need for weddings or going away or whatever. If I'm doing stuff on a Saturday usually then it's likely to be evenings anyway, and I'll finish work at one, so it's not going to hamper my thrilling lifestyle. The extra money will be useful, I'll be working Thursday mornings as well, wow, 2 mornings every week that I'll have to get up, how will I cope? :-) Speaking of mornings, this morning has managed to go without me really noticing, all I've done is have a bath and fill in timesheets, must go to the post office before I go to work, so I guess I'd better get off the internet.

Thursday, January 30, 2003
I did go swimming on Tuesday, it was quite fun, though I over-exerted myself and made myself feel ill. I kind of forgot that I have no muscles due to the fact that I spend my days sitting around. I haven't swum properly for years. I plan on going once a week though. I don't have anything else interesting to say. I felt really ill yesterday, which was bad 'cos I was working from 9:15 till 7. Though I probably could have got sent home, 'cos my boss said I looked really pale and kept asking if I was okay, but I figured that training was fairly easy and sedentary and I would feel better by the time the library opened in the afternoon, and that was true, I gradually felt better and better during the day, though I still had a sore throat and funny ears all day.

Anyway, Helen was discussing the fact that she doesn't do anything interesting and mentioning her friends and whether they do anything interesting, I fell into the lead a boring life category :-( it's true though. Since I lead a boring life, maybe I'll offer a grammar tip, like I have such amazing grammar :-) Okay, I am pretty sure that if you're saying something belonging to your friends (i.e more than one friend) you do put an apostrophe, but it's after the s, because it's friends plural then apostrophe to say belonging to, but you don't put a second s. so the sentence would read "He read mine and my friends'." However, I could be entirely wrong, because I have appalling grammar a lot of the time. I mean look at the length of my sentences when I don't think about it, mind you usually I know it's wrong.

Monday, January 27, 2003
Well, the kids' club went okay in the end, Sam sang despite his strained voice, yay for Sam!! The people doing the play did well too, even though they hadn't been able to practise beforehand. I always find it hard to actually evaluate how things went objectively when I'm the one running them, I tend to be too negative, I'm trying to stop doing that, so I'll say that the club went well, we played some fun games, much mess was made and tidied away afterwards fairly quickly. Not that many kids were there, but those that were seemed to have fun.

Our boiler didn't work this weekend, which was most frustrating. I stayed in this morning waiting for someone to come and fix it. I'd called an engineer out obviously, I wasn't just waiting on the off chance that someone might turn up, that would be stupid. Anyway, he didn't come for ages and I was getting worried 'cos I had to get to work, then I figured I'd give it one more go and di exactly the same as we'd tried numerous times, pushed in the gas thing and clicked the ignition and it worked! Yay, that saved me £65 or whatever, that's a guess, 'cos that's what it cost last time, I guess if they had to actually replace parts it'd be a lot more, last time they just unclogged something. Weird though that no amount of pressing the ignition would get it started over the weekend. Slightly worrying, 'cos I guess it could go at any time, I'm just hoping it'll last a bit longer, I can't afford a new boiler now.

Maybe I'll actually go swimming tomorrow. For the last week I've been saying that I'll start going swimming, in an attempt to get fit, mainly though because I like swimming, it's the only sport I was ever any good at, well, I was all right at canoeing as well, but I didn't bother going very far with that. Anyway, in the past I didn't feel like going to the Leisure centre despite it being right by my house, because I was working during school time, so I'd have only been able to go when there were kids there and possibly kids from my shool, which is not what you want as a teacher. Now of course I'm not a teacher, and I have mornings free, so I could go in the mornings, not every morning, I'm not going to set myself some unrealistic daily exercise thing that I'll just never do and feel bad about. I figure if I just decide to go occassionally then I might manage that. Thing is it does get boring swimming, I'll have to think of some way to make it more interesting. I'm trying to persuade Helen to come.

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