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Welcome to Ali's blog. A blog that has absolutely nothing to do with juggling monkeys. It doesn't really have anything to do with much, just me rambling on about random things.

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Saturday, April 05, 2003
So I spent quite some time trying to create a new template for my blog, result- I created possibly the worst template anyone's ever seen, I have deleted it now, maybe I should have used it, just to show you how bad it was. Result now is a pretty rubbish and boring template that is lacking in monkeys. I need monkeys, I'm pestering Helen, I want her to draw me a monkey with some cheese, she was being pedantic and pointed out that you couldn't use cheese to draw a monkey, you'd have to use a pencil, honestly, she knows what I mean. I want a monkey and some cheese, together in a picture. That'd be good. I can't draw you see, I have all the artistic ability of a dead sparrow. I don't think that this template is any better than the old one, but I guess it's yellow which is more relevant to cheddar, only problem is that I don't really like yellow, oh well.

Went to Bosworth Battle field today with Helen and some people from church, it was quite good I guess, just to go for a walk in the sun. Then Helen and I went to Comet at Fosse Park and bought This Kettle it is a lovely kettle which changes colour, it is black when cold and white when hot. I didn't buy it simply because of that, but have to admit that that was the deciding factor, other points to consider were the fact that it's not too expensive, but is a decent make, quick boiling and has a limescale filter. We needed a new kettle because Helen killed the old one the other day :-( I don't think she really killed it, I think it melted itself, but she seems to have decided she killed it because she was the one trying to boil water when it died. It was a tragic loss as the kettle was so young, it was not yet 2 :-(

I'm going now since I doubt that you really want to hear such exciting exploits as me purchasing a kettle and anyway I've run out of thrilling stories now.

Wednesday, April 02, 2003
Once again I'm on one of the library computers during my break, have taken my break really late because there weren't any computers free till now, how sad am I? Honestly, you'd think there was nothing else that I could do in my break, it's not like I don't have a computer at home. Nothing exciting to comment on, I think maybe I'm trying to rival The dullest blog in the world. Could just do some wandering round the net I guess. I keep getting that moon song in my head, want to share it with everybody irl, but I'm not sure they'll appreciate it. I've emailed almost everyone who's address I have except for those who read my blog, 'cos I expect they'll go to it anyway. If not, why not? It's good I tell you, good!! Okay, maybe I should think of something more interesting to talk about for the next 5 minutes of my break, or I could just go and do something else. I could describe to you the exciting things going on in the library, someone is taking out a book. They don't have their card though, it's okay, 'cos they've brought a book back, so we can get their details off that, see it's exciting isn't it? Where else could you get to hear about the intricate workings of a library? Well, probably by going to a library I guess. You should you know, libraries are great, we have books and free internet access. Books are good, the internet is good, what more could you want? Some libraries even have DVDs and CDs, we don't 'cos we're quite small, but we have talking books and normal books and 4 computers. All of the computers are being used at the moment, but the one I'm using doesn't count as being used, 'cos I'd have to get off if a member of the public wanted it. See, libraries, fascinating.

Okay, maybe I'll go now, something tells me that you don't really want to hear about people renewing their books or having to pay a large fine cos they've brought them back late.

Tuesday, April 01, 2003
Why won't it post? I'm getting frustrated. I don't know why I'm saying it here, 'cos it's not going to start posting is it? So you won't know it is refusing to post until it stops refusing and starts posting. Hmm, making no sense. I could do something, what shall I do? I don't know, I quite fancy a cup of tea, but there's penguins (of the chocolate biscuit variety, not the animal, that'd be very intereating to see though) by the kettle and if I make a cup of tea I'll have to have a penguin and use it as a straw - try it, it's great, you bite off diagonally opposite corners and then suck the tea through the middle, the trick is to suck up enough tea to make it melt and go all yummy, but not to keep going for too long or it'll collapse and fall into the tea, you have to quickly eat it when it's gone soft.- The problem is that it goes so quickly when you eat them like that that it's almost impossible not to have 2 and I already had 2 today after lunch, so I really shouldn't have any more till at least this evening. Apparently the penguin thing came from a friend of a friend who had been shown how to do it by some Australians who do the same thing with a chocolate bar they have which is similar to the penguin, apparently it works even better with them, Tim Tams I think they're called.

The dullest blog in the world. Wow, a blog that's more dull than mine, well, maybe. It's strangely compelling reading. I know I said I wasn't going to say anything else today, I lied. Plus there's the fact that this isn't actually working, so I keep trying to publish in the hope that it will work.

Moon song that is all I have to say today. Go and watch it. I just found it while surfing around, it's great. It made me laugh.

Sunday, March 30, 2003
Well, I've been playing around discovering what kind of battle monkey I am, and trying to see which of my friends I could beat, using my last name always gave me rather wimpy scores (2.2 for Ali Yates, 5.8 for Alison Claire Yates, but we all Know I hate Alison) so I have decided who needs more than just a first name? As Ali I have a score of 6.5 - lemon eating attack monkey- anyway, that's not the point, the point is that I have asked the site the ultimate question: Han or Luke? And the answer: HAN!! Yay, we all knew (okay, not all, most of us knew), it's true: Han is better. Ooh and in a fight I beat Luke, but tie with Han, 'cos Han and I are the same type of monkey, wow!

is a
Lemon-Eating Attack Monkey

...with a Battle Rating of 6.5

To see if your Food-Eating Battle Monkey can
defeat Ali, enter your name:

Oh and just in case you're wondering Han doesn't need to do my silly pretending he doesn't have a last name thing. In a competition between Han Solo and Luke Skywalker Han "Crumpet-Eating Robot Monkey" Solo with a battle rating of 7.5 beats Luke "Cheese-Eating Psycho Monkey" Skywalker's paltry 5.3 Conclusive Proof.

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