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Welcome to Ali's blog. A blog that has absolutely nothing to do with juggling monkeys. It doesn't really have anything to do with much, just me rambling on about random things.

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Thursday, January 23, 2003
Last night I watched a very boring episode of Stargate. I really didn't want to continue watching, nothing was happening, it didn't even have any of SG-1 in. The episode was Disclosure and it was clearly season 6's version of Politics. Just a bunch of people sitting around in a room talking and loads of flashback scenes. If I want to watch clips of other eps I can just put them in the DVD player and I can choose which clips to watch that way. I ended up wandering out of the room during the episode, something I never normally do and I was sitting singing "boring, b b b boring" to the Star Wars music for a large portion of the episode. It wasn't just boring either, it was also irritating because of the accents of the people, I mean there was a guy who was meant to be French, I don't know what he was, but he wasn't French and the English ambassador's accent was really annoying too. All in all I think that was quite possibly the worst ever episode of Stargate. Yes, worse than Politics and worse than Emancipation. Oddly as Helen was pointing out, the only SG-1 actor that was in the episode apart from in flashback, was Michael Shanks as the voice of Thor, that's interesting, the one actor that's not in this series is the only one in the episode. Weird. Why must they make these episodes, surely there's other ways of making money without having a whole episode of flashbacks and ambassadors sitting around talking, I mean SG-1 sitting around talking would have been more interesting, were they saving on salaries? Were all the actors off on holiday? Did they accidentally film one to few episodes and have to make one up? I don't know, I don't know why I'm using my blog to whinge either, I should really do this at my Stargate site, I haven't updated that in a couple of months, silly me.

Anyway, I think I'll go now, I still feel kind of ill, I keep just wanting to stay in bed and I don't really have any energy to do stuff, I couldn't even be bothered to come online the last couple of days, weird. Oh, on Tuesday I took three of my ECDL modules, so I've passed four now, they were very easy, I did the basic concepts of Information Technology, managing files and Word, I'd already done the internet one. I thought the basic concepts one would be harder, 'cos I had to learn stuff like the data protection act, but it wasn't on the test, it was just stuff like what's the difference between ROM and RAM, what is applications software, what's an operating system, what health and safety issues should you think about etc. I probably waffled too much, but I passed easily. It's kind of frustrating, because I end up feeling guilty 'cos everyone else is struggling, but it's hard to hide the fact that I'm doing the 40 minute tests in 5 or 10 minutes when other people are doing them in the same room. I shouldn't have to feel guilty though, I mean it makes sense that I can do them, I use the computer all the time, it'd be ludicrous if I failed, there's stuff that doesn't involve computers that other people can do that I'd be lost at.

I've got a kid's club on this Sunday. I run them once a month at my church, we have music, games, lots of mess and noise, puppet shows etc. I'm having a slight worry because the guy that was going to lead worship phoned me last night to say he's strained his voice and can't sing, I'm hoping Andy can do it, but he might have to lead worship in the main church service which is on at the same time, and he's ill, so if he's not well by Sunday he won't be able to anyway. Oh well, if it comes to it I'll just have to sing and they'll have to put up with me being out of tune, I've done it before and they don't seem to notice that much, it's just that I do. Oh well, I jump around so much that my singing probably can't be heard anyway. It probably just becomes out of breath noises.

Monday, January 20, 2003
Well, following on from my Two Towers rant Helen decided to see if the story did match up with Peter Jackson's version when translated into another language and back. Apparently not, it just became a little incoherant. However, I have not actually been disproved as she was unable to translate into Esperanto. Just check Helen's blog to see the results she got.

I rewatched the entire second season of Spaced this weekend. Slight surreal overload maybe? Well, at least it's not an American series, instead of the 22 hours it was only just over 3. That doesn't make it sound bad at all, just like a long film really, plus I watched all the outtakes and deleted scenes. There were some quite good deleted scenes.

One of the best bits in series 2 has to be right at the beginning, when Tim is talking about having some things to sort out, Daisy asks if he means with his girlfriend, he says with George Lucas and you see a clip of him burning all his stuff. "The Phantom Menace was 18 months ago Tim" and when he yells at the little kid in the shop for trying to buy a Jar-Jar toy, it's great. Spaced is such a fantastic programme. It's written by the two stars, Simon Pegg and Jessica Stevenson who play Tim Bisley and Daisy Steiner. I don't know if it's been shown in other countries, it's kind of hard to explain the format, describing it doesn't really work. I spent ages just now trying to think of a short description and have given up, there's one on Here but it's not going to do the show justice, just watch it. I found a site that listed availability and found it has been on in the States, Australia and many other places.

Anyway, the main reason that I was mentioning having watched Spaced was that it was kind of reminding me of how bad The Phantom Menace was, not that I really needed reminding, but I was just thinking about the comparison between that and The Two Towers. Both films which we had high expectations for, both films which let us down immensely. One question on my mind is, which is worse, Midichlorians or Faramir's character reversal? I think it's probably Faramir, because that is a downright betrayal, it's not just adding something annoying. Maybe I should write to Peter Jackson and inform him that the alteration of Faramir is worse than Lucas' introduction of midichlorians (I don't know if that's how you spell them, I don't really care that much to be honest, I think they're stupid, you don't explain the force as some little bug things, like the force is a virus). I don't know if he'd understand the reference, it might be better to say it's worse than JarJar, also a terrible thing inflicted on us by George Lucas. However, I think midichlorians were worse than JarJar. So the ranking is Faramir, Midichlorians, JarJar. I feel let down by film makers, how sad. Well, not all film makers, just those that promise me so much and deliver rubbish.

I'm not supposed to be ranting any more, I should stop. I have been feeling ill this weekend, hence the sitting and watching Spaced all Saturday night. For a lot of Sunday I watched Buffy series 4, not sure why, I didn't really like series 4, but I was kind of checking what episode is on each tape and figured the best way to do that is to watch it. Annoyingly the episodes don't seem to have the titles on them. I hate it when shows do that, give episodes titles, but don't actually broadcast them. Why? What's the thinking behind that? I'm ranting again, anyway, thanks to the internet it wasn't a problem, I just got Helen to look them up for me. She's been online most of the weekend using our broadband connection to try to download some Pretender episodes. Yay, we got to see the pilot episode today, I hadn't seen that before.

Anyway, I really am going, because it's after 1 and I was going to go to bed about an hour ago, I don't know what I'm doing up, it's stupid and pointless, I'm not even being interesting, I'm just doing this and I'm feeling ill, so using a computer isn't sensible, I should sleep.

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