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Welcome to Ali's blog. A blog that has absolutely nothing to do with juggling monkeys. It doesn't really have anything to do with much, just me rambling on about random things.

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Friday, March 28, 2003
Yes, this is rapidly becoming the blog that changes its name more often than its socks. Not that odd I guess since blogs don't generally wear socks. There was a rather stupid reason for changing the name, it was an attempt to become more unique, there're too many references to Conan the Librarian around, obviously that wasn't original, but cheddar monkey doesn't seem to be that common, only 3 sites come up on Google. Ahh, cheddar, it's good. I did think about tea monkey, but there's a lot of sites that come up when you search for that. Maybe I should name this blog "You Don't Tea! Why are you?" a fantastic phrase that a friend and I invented whilst playing with some of that fridge poetry stuff. Some people don't seem to understand it, I don't see what's hard to understand. Maybe it's people that don't tea that don't understand. But as the phrase implies, what is the point of them? Why would anyone not tea? Tea is great, without tea what would I do? I certainly wouldn't want to drink coffee! I'm having a dilemma now, should I call it I, Cheddar Monkey, or You don't tea! Why are You? I don't know. It's too difficult. Hmm, I'll leave it with cheddar monkey for now.

I'm getting really annoyed with ntl at the moment. There always seems to be something going wrong. They bill me for the wrong amount, they don't update the service after I've asked them to. Now emails won't send, it's annoying. I guess I can't really complain because they're so much cheaper than BT, but it is frustrating, I've had to query my last 3 bills because they've made a mistake, one of them I'm still waiting for them to credit the money back, I think I'll just give up on that one, I can't even remember the details well enough.

Hmm, okay, stop whingeing and think of something interesting? Okay, failing at thinking of something interesting. Yesterday bought a clip frame for my Back To The Future II poster, yay, it's up in the lounge now, looking lovely, it has Michael J Fox on a hoverboard. Oh look, here it is pic of the poster. Problem is I now want posters for the other 2 films to go with it. I've been looking and I might be able to get one for the first film, but for the third it looks like it'll cost $32.64 which is about £20. It's the postage that's the problem :-(

Wednesday, March 26, 2003
My blog's doing that weird thing again where the template's all messed up, so I thought I'd blog and see if that restores it so that it's the right width again and you can see the archives link. Don't know why it does it. Oh well, it's time I blogged anyway, haven't said anything for ages. Nothing very exciting to say though. Although I did venture back to Bradgate Park on Sunday, yes, I returned to the site of my tic attack! Thankfully it was fairly uneventful, no tics for me this time, nor for anyone else that was with me. I did get my foot stuck while climbing a tree, twice, in the same part in fact, once while going up, once while coming down. That was quite silly of me. It was such a handily placed foothold though, just the size of my trainer, I wasn't really stuck, just that I nearly had to leave my trainer behind. Okay, I'm exaggerating slightly, I just had to wiggle my foot back and forth and it came free. It was quite amusing being in the tree actually, it was a massive tree, with loads of room and about 5 of us climbed it at once (all but one of the boys and me, the other boy and the girls stayed down on the ground). One of the boys started doing that thing that males seem to do sometimes, see just how far he can go, he was getting quite high and we were getting slightly worried that he might fall, more so because as a group of supposedly responsible adults we'd have to explain where we were when he hurt himself. Yes, well, we were in a tree would sound slightly odd. Anyway, he didn't hurt himself, I didn't really think he would. You know it's probably the first time I've climbed a tree in about 9 years!! Wow, I used to love climbing trees, well, more sitting in them actually, the actual climbing bit wasn't what I liked that much. I just used to like to be in a tree, the climbing was quite fun though. Later on in the park I was stuck in that weird geek dilemma. the 2 girls were being excessively girly and the boys were kicking a football around, what do I do? I did the hovering around thing, kind of with the lads, I tried to kick the ball when it came near me.

Nothing else exciting, 'cos obviously that was so very exciting. Oh, I know what else I've done that's very exciting. I've watched Back To The Future, though I ran out of time and didn't watch it all :-( What do you mean that isn't exciting? I think it's possibly one of the most exciting activities available. I think there should be a Back To The Future channel, soley dedicated to Back To The Future, wouldn't that be fantastic? What do you mean no? You're clearly mad. Did I tell you that I read Michael J Fox's biography? Technically it should be in the sidebar, but I don't know if I got round to putting it in and I can't be bothered to check, I also can't be bothered to spell check, I'm not sure if soley is right, it looks completely wrong, but I asked Helen (she's sitting here eating a yoghurt, say hello to her, thanks I'm sure she'll appreciate that) and she said that's how she thinks it's spelt, she can't think how else it would be. Really sitting here typing all this about how to spell it is a lot more effort than just pasting it into word, but hey. Anyway, where was I? Oh yes, I read his biography, it was very good, I found it interesting that he seemed so honest about things, even things that might make him look bad, I think it made me like him even more, if that's possible. It was very well written too, which is nice.

Okay, what else shall I ramble about? I don't know, I don't think I have anything else to say. Hmmmm, I did another Kid's Club this weekend, that was fun, I enjoyed it a lot more than the last one, so that's good, I think that if I'm enjoying it then it's probably better and the kids will get more out of it. Could be wrong, but it makes sense to me.

I have a nice big box downstairs. My friends bought a digital piano and it came in a very big box which they have given to me in case I want to make a puppet theatre out of it. I don't think it'll work as a puppet theatre for two reasons (is it solely?) number one it's not really big enough for two (ooh, Helen just looked in the dictionary, it is solely, we must just pronounce it wrong) people to fit in and I usually have 2 or more people doing the puppet show, (as I'm doing numbered points I should really have made this easier to read by putting it as a numbered list, I could still do that, in fact since I'm using the medium of computer I could avoid interspersing my list with these comments (Helen isn't sure interspersing is a word, I scoff at her rigid use of the English language) and move things to a more sensible place, but where would be the fun? No, this is clearly far more interesting for you to read than if it was in some logical order) number two, it is quite a large box which will not really fit in my car, so I would have to cut it, removing it's box attributes, and recreate the box at every kids club, that would probably mean that it wouldn't retain its structural integrity :-( so, no puppet theatre, just a big box, the advantages of having a big box in the house may not be immediately obvious, but it is great. I sat in the box while watching TV the other day, it was surprisingly comfortable, it's also quite warm when you lie in it, Helen closed the lid on me, I'm very trusting really, I knew she wouldn't trap me in there permanently, she just put another box on top, fairly easy to break out of. Then last night homegroup was on, so when I heard a car approaching I got in the box and waited, Helen let them in and I waited trying to be quiet for a while before leaping out shouting aargh, that was funny. Except that I managed to stab my cheek with my fingernail, not sure how. When Will arrived a bit later he knew straight away that Harriet was in the box, no one had twigged that I was in, weird. Will tried to tape Harriet in the box, I didn't participate, okay, I may have provided the tape, and maybe slightly leant on the box a little, but other than that I was innocent.

I've run out of things to say now and Helen's phoning her family, after she'd dialled I started poking her so that she couldn't speak properly when they answered, hee hee. See, when I have things to type she sits and reads stuff, just as I run out of things she goes on the phone, honestly. Hmm, anything else exciting to ramble about? Nope, I could eat some sort of dessert, that might be nice. I'm on holiday this week, not doing anything exciting, just not having to go to work, it's quite nice, but since I only work part time anyway it's not the huge difference that I used to get when I was on holiday. I've tidied the house up though, you can actually see my bedroom floor!! Helen kept making comments about it. I might go and help my Dad move his stuff into his new flat in Cambridge, jnfdjkfdgkl;rdagfjk;hdfl;gj'gj;js\hdgl'jrwpgnmnoirhgn,mfnglfjdnbmnonbmvcnoh

Sorry, I was just typing noisily for effect over Helen's phonecall and she said that I had to publish it if I'm going to do that, so I have. It means nothing.

I've written quite a lot here, I should probably stop, I'm a really annoying blogger I think, I say nothing for ages then say loads, don't know why, I think I get spurts of random ramblingness or something. I don't know.

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