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Welcome to Ali's blog. A blog that has absolutely nothing to do with juggling monkeys. It doesn't really have anything to do with much, just me rambling on about random things.

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Friday, September 26, 2003
Was there rugby in Leicester today? There was an awful lot of cars around when I tried to drive to the school where my church meets so that I could help set some stuff up. I think they should provide some sort of bulletin informing us of when games are for residents who have no interest in sport. The week before last I had to drive past the bowl of crisps (except they decided not to call it Walker's bowl in the end, so that doesn't work and it's the Crisp stadium, which isn't nearly as fun) which is quite near my house, so I was driving past and noticing a lot of parked cars, guessed there must be something on, but didn't know when it'd finish, there wasn't like a big sign up telling you when to avoid driving round there, it turns out it was Leicester Vs Leeds (oddly I'd even heard Chris Moyles mention the match on the radio that afternoon, but it was sport so I wasn't paying attention) and they finished just at the time I was leaving to go home, so I had to contend with fans walking all over the main road, seemingly oblivious to the traffic, with those that did notice cars looking at me in amazement as if I am driving on the pavement or something.

Quite often I manage to time things completely wrong so that I'm trying to drive past the stadium just as there are loads of footie fans there. Once or twice when they've got a rugby game on at the same time as the football its been completely mad trying to get anywhere round the area.

Random Observation of the day:

On my way home from work there was a whole load of sand poured over the road, I can think of only 2 plausible explanations:

  1. A giant had been sick and so someone had come along to clean it up (well that's what they do at school isn't it? Put sand down on the sick)
  2. Someone has decided that it's not fair that Leicester is so far from the sea and has decided to build a beach.

If 2 is true then I may find it difficult to get to work tomorrow unless I get a hovercraft.

Wednesday, September 24, 2003
On my break at work at the moment. I haven't bothered to have a break for quite a few weeks. Ahh, what to do? Well, play on the computer obviously, can't think of anything very exciting to do.

Random observation of the day:

My titles for random observations have each had different formats. Maybe I should decide upon one that I actually like and use it. I notice that I also accidentally capitalised the o of observation yesterday, oddly just now when writing observation in order to say I'd capitalised the o, I again capitalised the o, only this time I noticed and deleted it.

Tuesday, September 23, 2003
I just wrote a long post about all the exciting things I've been up to while I've got the house to myself 'cos Helen is away, What do you mean you don't believe I've been doing exciting things? I have a life, I can throw wild parties when I'm left alone. I... okay, you got me, I actually wrote a post about how I'm bored 'cos Helen's not here, but I don't think it's that unlikely that I might be doing all sorts of exciting things. I've been doing computer things and youth/children's work for church related things, but no, nothing exciting.

Anyway, as I was saying before I was so rudely interrupted by your disbelieving looks... I wrote a post and was just sorting something out in another browser when the computer flicked up an error screen for a split second and restarted itself. For once I allowed it to send the report upon recovering from a serious error and it said the error was caused by a device driver. Weird, the newest thing to be installed was the exciting wireless network thing, but that's been working for a while now, oh well, hopefully it won't happen again.

So, I can't remember what else I blogged, no doubt it was really fascinating, I decided to make that "random observation" thing a regular feature though, so...

Random Observation of the day:

Predictive text on mobiles (okay, I'm cheating 'cos I didn't observe this today, this has been on my mind for a while, I've discussed it with Helen, she agrees and has noticed some examples, but I don't think either of us has discussed it on our blogs, so I thought I would)...

I used to have a real hatred of mobiles, I refused to have one until the Christmas before last when I gave up (mainly 'cos my parents insisted) I still don't like them, I certainly don't want to phone people on them, but I concede that they are very useful and texting is kind of like emailing, though it costs 10p per message, so I don't like that, but admit it's useful for sending a quick message to someone. Anyway, what we want to know is why does predictive text seem to be religious?

Okay, now you think I've finally lost it, that I've let the last remnants of sanity slip through my fingers, but bear with me for a second. How does predictive text work? It looks at the keys that you're pressing and works out the word that it thinks you are typing. It doesn't do this in alphabetical order or anything like that and doesn't seem to be clever enough to work out grammar, so I can only assume that it chooses the most common word. But how does it decide which of two possible words is the most common? With some it must be guesswork, but Helen and I have found a large number where a religious word takes precedence over what we (and we're both Christians) would think would be a more common word. Here are some examples, I'd love to know if you know of any more:

Word I want
Word it suggests

Okay, the last few are pushing it a bit. But just having the 3 or 4 that were really noticeable seemed a little too few to have a good case.

Sunday, September 21, 2003
Sorry I haven't blogged, I've been ill :-( all better now though, though occasionally my voice goes a bit funny. I haven't done anything very exciting to blog about. However, I have now got working hot water and even better than that I have central heating too! I've finally caught up with, well, the 20th century, so I'm still lagging a little behind, ooh lagging, that's funny, I could do some sort of boiler pun there. Except I can't really think of one, and it'd be bad anyway, so we'll just leave it at that shall we? They were very quick, efficient and friendly plumbers and very cheap too, so yay! I have had to pay with it out of my Isa, which is a bit of a pain, but never mind, if I do do the masters like I think I want to, then I'll just have to try to get some more saved up, or get some sort of bursary, or borrow from my parents, so many options available, and anyway with the job of a librarian changing so much at the moment I'm not sure whether it's actually what I want, they seem to be taking them out of libraries. So I'm evaluating all the options open at the moment and it might be worth just sticking on the library assistant route.

I'm trying to think of something more interesting to blog about. Maybe I should go to the cinema so that I can rant about a film. Helen says we should watch Tomb Raider, the first film certainly provided lots of heckling opportunities so maybe it's worth a watch and the great Christopher Barrie has a bigger part apparently, so that's got to be good. The pseudo Italian Job must be around soon too, that might be good, it just shouldn't call itself The Italian Job when clearly the only resemblance that it has to that film is the minis, it should be "The American Job" or something, to give you the idea that it's based on it, but not the same plot or anything and mainly not even in Italy. Unless all the info I've heard about it is wrong of course. It does have Seth Green in though, so that's a definite plus point. Anyway, it might be good, it can be different and good. The New Italian Job would work as a title, it's what a lot of people are referring to it as, why didn't they just call it that? Anyway, there's no way that the film can be better than the mini adventure adverts. If you don't live in the UK and haven't seen the ads, then go to the Mini website click "Fun and Adventures" then "Mini on film" and watch the 2003 TV and cinema ads. My favourite is the Zombies one. Though The Lost City one is great and so is.. no, they're all fantastic. Except the fish and frying pan ones, which I've never actually seen at the cinema, only on the internet and they're weird, I don't like them so much, but the others, they're a work of genius.

What was the person who got to my site with:

"orlando bloom" "beaten by a girl"

looking for do you think? I'm the only result, I can't help thinking that they must have been disappointed when they got here. I mean, was there a film where that happened? Or were they just hoping. If you ever come back googler who got here like that please let me know.

Random observation of the day:

I've never used the spell checker provided on blogger before, but I just tried it and found it amusing that it doesn't know the words "blog" or "blogged".

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