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Welcome to Ali's blog. A blog that has absolutely nothing to do with juggling monkeys. It doesn't really have anything to do with much, just me rambling on about random things.

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Saturday, May 03, 2003
Someone today saw my signed pics and asked about the conventions I'd been to. She was fascinated by the story of Helen and I dressing up as a pantomime mastadge:

I was the back end.

Anyway, the reason I mention this is that it's the first time that a non-sci-fi fan has actually been impressed by these exploits. Instead of giving me *that* look or saying how sad I am, or just kind of humouring me. She said that I'd led an exciting life. The weird thing is that she didn't seem to be being sarcastic, I think she genuinely felt that this stuff was amusing and interesting. This is a new and strange experience. I'm used to having to apologise for the fact that I'm a bit sad and have no life. I'm not used to someone thinking I have a more interesting life. Of course now I'm going to be continually wondering whether she was just humouring me and just a great actress. Has she gone home now laughing? She seemed to really like my wall too. That probably doesn't mean much to you, you haven't seen my wall, well, unless you're Helen or Mark or Mr Random or you're someone else who knows me in real life, yeah like that'll happen. I guess you could be stalking me, please stop it if you are. Maybe I should stop waffling and explain the wall. You see when we painted my front room we painted most of the room lilac, but painted a blue rectangle on the chimney breast and painted the alcoves blue as well. The chimney breast rectangle is kind of a writing board. We write on it in silver pen, it has many strange things written on the wall. Hmm, I could maybe get a picture of it, don't know if I can be bothered. I'll think about it and maybe do it later.

Friday, May 02, 2003
Wow, whilst watching the credits of Bulletproof Monk (yes, we always watch credits) I noticed the name Burt Ward. I thought, isn't that Robin from Batman (the 60s series)? I've just checked on The IMDB and it is. Burt Ward's entry shows that he seems to have gone into visual effects. The company name is Boy Wonder VFX. Looking at his acting jobs it's not hard to see why he might have made the transition.

We watched Bulletproof Monk last night. I thought it was good. I had expected it to be pretty bad, but I really enjoyed it, despite being really tired. Emma was less than convinced about the ending, as it was too cheesy. I admit it was pretty cheesy and obvious, but it kind of had to be. Anyway, it was a fun film. One thing that I didn't mention last night to Helen etc. was that the torture machine thing really reminded me of the one in The Princess Bride. Did that happen to anyone else, or is it just me being obsessive?

Thursday, May 01, 2003
Sorry Daisy I blogged after reading people's blogs, so I didn't see that you'd waved to me. However, I've seen now :-)

Wednesday, April 30, 2003
Ooh, I Have a blue star now at ebay

Sorry. Pent up quoting, just had to be released.

There's something I ought to tell you; I'm not left handed either.

Furious: Yeah well that's 'cause Lance Hunt is Captain Amazing.
Shoveler: Oh, don't start that again.
Rajah: Oh, here we go.
Shoveler: Lance Hunt wears glasses. Captain Amazing doesn't wear glasses.
Furious: He takes them off when he transforms.
Shoveler: That doesn't make any sense. He wouldn't be able to see.

"I shovel well. I shovel very well."

"Oh, baby. You shovel better than any man I've ever known. But that does not make you a superhero."

Hallo, my name is Inigo Montoya, you killed my father, prepare to die

Aaaooowww! Hey, what's that? Oh, it's my shadow. Hey, even my shadow's looking
nice! I'm looking nice, my shadow's looking nice - what a team!

Great Scott

1.21 gigawatts!

I didn't break the law. I am the law!

The Hair Thieves. They come in the night, steal your hair and sell it into Slavery

Tuesday, April 29, 2003
Oh, in case you want an updated on my not quoting. I've had two sort of slips today. One was close, but I just missed actually quoting. I locked the door in case of car thieves, but was very nearly in an Eddie Izzard voice talking about them coming in the night. The second was pretty much a failing, it wasn't so much a quote, but I went Aaah-aaah, when Helen said something which rhymed with Flash. Can't remember what. Ahh, she's told me, it was splash. 'cos I was going swimming.

To answer Helen I think the new carpet is much better than the old one. Thank you. For those of you who don't know what I'm talking about, Helen and her Mum fitted a new carpet in my front room while I was at work.

Monday, April 28, 2003
I'm attempting not to quote from anything for 24 hours. I failed after the first 1/2 hour. However on my second attempt I'm doing a bit better, possibly an hour, Helen thinks something I said a few minutes ago could be counted as a quote. We're kind of counting this as a practice, well, I am. Tomorrow when I'm around more people, many of whom quote a lot, will be the real test. It's incredibly difficult, I quote a lot, often without even thinking about it, hence how I got caught out within half an hour of beginning the challenge. The worst was when Helen was talking about Back to the Future. How can I not quote when that's mentioned, really found it hard to stop myself from typing Monty Python quote then, you know the one, from The Holy Grail the Knights who say ni bit, it's not even very relevant, just the idea of not saying something. I think I'm skating on thin ice explaining this, quite possibly I'm actually breaking the rules, aargh, Judge Dredd quote, shut up brain! So I certainly won't go any further into what it is that I'm not quoting :-)

Sunday, April 27, 2003
Went to a climbing wall this afternoon after church. I've never been climbing before. The plan was that I'd just "boulder", a term which meant nothing to me, but apparently means not using ropes and stuff, doing low easier climbs. In the end though we did go down to the walls with ropes and stuff and I put on a harness and had a go. There were some kids undergoing tuition so we couldn't use the beginner walls at first, so I tried climbing, I got a few feet up and was then kind of hanging there. I was kind of confused as to what to do then, since I'd somehow managed to get myself into a position where I couldn't move any limbs without falling. Something told me that wasn't exactly what you're meant to do. I could kind of move a hand slightly, possibly reach a new hand-hold, but my hands had got all sweaty and I couldn't move my hand enought to reach into the chalk bag that was behind me, so I just hung there, with my hands getting more and more slippy. What is one to do in this situation? Well, fall off, obviously and rely on the person belaying you, in my case Phil. Poor old Phil, I tried several times and just ended up swinging from a rope with him supporting my rather hefty mass. A little later I tried climbing up a different route on the wall, this wasn't much better. I got even less far up before falling down. However, eventually the kids left and I made it to the top of the wall. My triumph and achievement is in no way hampered by the fact that it was a beginners climb, I am a beginner, I don't care, I got to the top of that wall without falling off. Then came a moment of confusion, how are you supposed to get down? I'd not really had this problem before, gravity aiding me somewhat, you fall off, Phil holds the rope taut so I dangle, then lowers me to the ground, but something told me that that wasn't the correct method of descent. So I'm now at the top of the wall wondering what to do, I'm told to lean back, okay, leaning back, a fairly easy maneouvre, how hard can that be? Well, I manage to mess it up and kind of fall sideways, swinging along the wall, eventually manage to get feet back onto wall and kind of push down wall in rather odd fashion. Perhaps this should have been enough, but I decided that the chimney looked quite fun and I'd have a go at that. I've decided that that's much more my kind of climbing, the other climbing hurt my hands quite a lot, in the chimney I just wedged myself in and used my feet and back to kind of wiggle up it, my hands didn't do very much at all, at one point I had a prolonged rest wedged in it, letting go completely with my hands so that I could chalk them comfortably. I didn't go right to the top though, as I was getting out of the kind of chimney bit I got cramp, that put an end to my day's climbing.

So, I have climbed. Would I do it again? After a day of much falling, making an idiot out of myself, making my hands fairly red and my arms sore? Yes, I think I would, 'cos despite the fact that I was completley useless at it I still had fun. So that's good. I'm not saying I'd take it up as a sport, nor that I'd be bothered if I never went again, just that I would be quite happy to have a go at it again some time. I never did have a go at belaying anyone, so that might be cool.

I noticed Mark.

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