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Welcome to Ali's blog. A blog that has absolutely nothing to do with juggling monkeys. It doesn't really have anything to do with much, just me rambling on about random things.

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Saturday, August 09, 2003
I just got back from training. The scary thing is that I was training other people, I don't feel old enough to actually be running things and training people. At what point in your life do you actually feel like a grown up? Does it ever happen? Does everyone just muddle through pretending? I mean I'm 24 now, I thought I'd feel like a proper grown up by now. I guess I feel older than I did when I was at school, probably older than when I was at Uni, I'm more confident about doing things, but I never really feel that I'm this proper grown up.

I was training people for Hullabaloo, I made all these training handouts and was trying to explain everything that we'd be doing, covering all the child protection aspects and stuff. I hate having to present things to my peers though, just cos I always think they know better than me. It wasn't too bad today though, cos I kind of knew that they didn't really, not about running the summer club anyway, I mean some of them knew more about child protection, hence me picking their brains.

I guess being a grown up is about being responsible, doing things that have to be done, sometimes I wish I didn't have any responsibilities, maybe that's what I mean when I say that I don't feel like a grown up, maybe I always had this idea that grown ups felt really sensible all the time and did sensible things, but I want to mess around and stuff, but maybe that's what most grown ups are like. Or maybe I'm just one of the weird ones. Or maybe 25 is the day that you wake up and are a grown up, I'll let you know in December. Though judging from some of my friends I'd say no.

Anyway, tomorrow I have another half day of training, I'll have some of the people who couldn't make it today as well as some back again from today, so I'll be doing a bit of a recap and some new stuff.

Off to a BBQ now since it's still ludicrously hot, running late 'cos lost track of time.

Friday, August 08, 2003
Yeah, I know I haven't blogged for ages, what can I say? I could apologise, but I'm not going to, so :-P

Right then, what has happened since I last blogged? Well, there was that thing with the bear and the aubergines, but that's not worth going into now I'm sure, so I'll skip over it.

Well, I watched Terminator 3, and I liked it. I had to do that rather difficult thing in the cinema of admitting my opposing opinion when faced with there was a rather vocal derision of the film from evil Jonathon and no one else on the positive side, Helen was saying nothing, she had no opinion apparently, or just liked it up there on the fence where she could look down on us.

Whilst I agreed with Jonathon on the point about the comedy going a bit too far, the sunglasses! I still enjoyed the film and I felt that the third film solved the problem left at the end of the second one, although there's still great big holes in the Terminator logic, their ideas of time travel never quite fit. In the manner of all good internet non-spoiling people I shall now hide the text, highlight to read:

This bit only spoils for the first film:

Okay, in the Terminator timeline I always had a problem with Reese being John's father, I mean the only reason that John was born was that a terminator was sent back in time to kill him. Well, why was a terminator sent back in time to kill him if he didn't exist? That was always a big flaw. A circle, how did it start?

The way I got round this hole in the logic was to decide that in the original timeline the terminator was sent back in time to do something else and Kyle went to stop him, whilst there Kyle had a relationship with Sarah, told her all about the war and everything. Because of this when she had a child she taught him how to survive, the skills she thought he'd need because she knew there'd be this war, because of his upbringing this new timeline was created, the timeline that we see in the film, where John is this great military leader and the Terminator is sent back in time to kill him. There is still a flaw in this logic in that Sarah doesn't seem like the kind of person that would have got caught up in all of this unless someone was trying to kill her.

There is the possibility that the reason the terminator was sent back in the original timeline was that at some point in time Sarah had a child called John without Kyle going there, John was the leader of the resistance during the war, his father is some unknown guy, by Reese going back in time they in fact create a different John Connor, maybe one who is born earlier (because Sarah didn't seem to be in a relationship that would produce offspring, I guess there was the guy who stood her up, could have created John through that.

Now the second film:

In the second film we discover that the progress of the AI happened because the company found the CPU and hand from the first terminator, this aided their research and allowed them to go in directions they wouldn't have thought of. They destroy the items and all of the research therefore assuming that there will be no more war.

The problem? Well, terminators had to have been invented without someone finding the bits of the first terminator. In the original timeline "Judgement day" had happened, the war was going on and a terminator went back in time. Someone must have invented the AI without the help of the parts from the first terminator because he wasn't there. Therefore all the bits of the terminator could do would be to advance the research. So at the end of T2 we shouldn't assume that the war won't happen because someone should still invent the AI.

If the war never happens then how did John get born? Where did the Terminators and John's father come from?

Oh, one more question, nothing dead will travel through the time machine thing, hence going naked and taking no weapons. Terminators can travel because they're a machine underneath but alive outside. How come the liquid metal guy can go? He's not living tissue? Or is the metal itself alive. And how does he talk? How does he create the complex moving parts involved to talk? I have to give credit to that question to Helen.

Now T3:

And finally, T3, so, the war does happen, it was just postponed, this makes sense, because if the war never happened then no terminators would be sent back in time, Reese wouldn't go back in time, John Connor wouldn't exist and we'd be back to the orginal timeline or something.

So I like the fact that the 3rd film has the war happening. I didn't like some of the over the top comedy elements, though some of them were good, I mean I liked having Soberman and his comments, but it just went on a bit too far. I loved the Psychology bit with the Terminator when he grabs John Connor by the neck and makes him angry. I thought it was a good action film. Okay, nothing spectacular, but not as disappointing as I expected and I even thought the female Terminator was okay. Though Helen made a very valid point, why does she appear naked (and this goes for the liquid metal terminator in the second film too) when she can make herself look like she has clothes? She did seem to have a physical body though unlike the liquid metal guy, probably because of having the ability to fire things, which he couldn't do.

Maybe someone has the answers to my problems or can point out more that I haven't thought about, if so, cool, let me know. I definitely want to see T3 again, in fact I watched T2 again the other night, oddly this time I liked it a lot more again, maybe I was in a bad mood for watching it last week, I didn't find John annoying this time. I think I'll have to wait till it comes out on DVD though, I don't know if I can justify spending another £5.40 to see it at the cinema again, then I'd have spent enough to buy a DVD just watching it at the cinema!

Okay, other stuff I've done... Well, I've been very busy sorting out the Hullabaloo summer club, we had a Hullabaloo Sunday last week too, so I've been dedicating a lot of time to that.

Last night we had a barbeque, that was fun, we had some Schloer as well, apparently I got very silly, I don't know, I vaguely remember telling jokes and finding things very funny, apparently I was scary. Hmm, I just know I found everything very amusing. I think this happens when I have Shloer, maybe it's the sugar content, I got rather hyper one day when I ate nothing but pick and mix and cake, that was fun too. See people might say I should avoid drinking shloer if it makes me incredibly silly, but I like it and I enjoyed being silly, so who cares?

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