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Welcome to Ali's blog. A blog that has absolutely nothing to do with juggling monkeys. It doesn't really have anything to do with much, just me rambling on about random things.

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Thursday, February 20, 2003
It's my lunchbreak at work, I thought I'd check emails, but annoyingly ntl's web access isn't working at the moment, tut. So I thought I might as well blog instead. Though I don't have anything to blog about, nothing new there then.

I was at a church meeting last night, it went on till quite late (had to get Helen to tape Stargate). Anyway my Church leaders are leaving :-( they're going to plant a church in Stoke On Trent in the summer. I feel really sad. I should be excited, God is obviously telling them to go, it's a good thing, but I can't help but feel down about it. I don't know who else is going to go with them to help either, we could end up losing loads, it's not losing, I know, it's sending them out. Still :-(

Happier thoughts... hmmm, can't think of any, slightly annoying morning at work actually since the computers wouldn't work properly, had to be in back up for most of the morning, they're working now though, hopefully will still be okay this afternoon. It's typical, today is the first time I've single-staffed and today is the day the computers decide to fail, okay, they've done it before, but not that often lately, most annoying.

Right, maybe I should actually eat some lunch then, I clearly have nothing interesting to say, don't know why I bother with this sometimes, I should really wait till I actually have something profound to say, but then this'd be a fairly empty blog and why shouldn't I just be another person filling the internet with drivel? I don't even know how to spell drivel and I'm far too lazy to bother opening word and checking.

Tuesday, February 18, 2003
Continuing in the whole referring to other people's blogs, but onto a different topic, Helen said

Only in England...

"They cheered, shouted, sounded horns and banged drums, waving signs with slogans 'No War On Iraq' and 'Make Tea, Not War'."

I thought I'd join in with the fact that I liked the banner "Tony Blair is really annoying." That's almost Rimmer worthy i.e. Polymorph:

"Let's get tough, the time for talking is over. Call it extreme if you like, but I propose we hit it hard, and hit it fast, with a major, and I mean MAJOR leaflet campaign. And while it's reeling from that, we follow up with a whist drive, a car boot sale, some street theatre, and possibly even some benefit concerts. Okay? Now if that's not enough, I'm sorry, but it's time for the T-shirts. "Mutants Out!" "Chameleonic Lifeforms? No Thanks!" And if that's not enough, well I really don't know what will be."

Okay, maybe the whole quote wasn't strictly necessary, but I like it.

So, have I done anything exciting lately? Well actually went out yesterday with Helen and some friends from church to see Dirty Carpet in The Shed. Dirty Carpet is the band that two of my friends are in (Mary, as in person I've roped into helping with Kids Clubs and Jim her hubbie). The Shed is a bar in town. I hadn't actually heard the band play before as I was at the Stargate convention last time, yes, I know what kind of friend am I? I'm so sad that I go to a convention instead of to my friend's gig at her own birthday party. To be fair to me I had bought and paid for the ticket long before she invited me to her birthday thing. I didn't know it was her birthday back then. Hmm, that sounds even worse doesn't it? I don't even know when my friend's birthdays are. Anyway, last night saw them for the first tie, they're pretty good, they play mostly covers, but they played well. The band after them was thrash metal, so it was just kind of loud. We went downstairs during that and didn't stay particularly late, didn't hear the 3rd band.

Yesterday was really hectic at Work not sure why, just loads of people and all needing quite in depth help. Plus a couple of teenagers that were in early in the afternoon using the computers (they hastened to inform us that they were not skiving but that one was ill and one was suspended) decided it'd be amusing to tape the outer doors shut by taping the handles together, it was only when a member of the public tried to leave that we discovered they'd done this and someone had to cut the tape off by reaching through the gap. We could have gone out the fire exit and round, but it's inconvenient obviously. I had heard them laughing out there when they left, now I know why. Honestly, tut.

Right, going now, time to swim in half an hour, I'm going 3 times a week now, see, aren't I a good girl. Helen seems to think that there's something wrong with my fitness logic though, i.e. I do 20 or so lengths in the pool 3 times a week and then eat loads of chocolate or whatever. I don't see the problem. I'm sure I'm not eating any more junk food than I did before, so at least I'm getting some exercise which must balance it slightly.

Right, going now then.

Monday, February 17, 2003
I meant to blog, but it's late now and I kind of meant to go to bed a lot earlier. I don't know what happens to time. Time is fleeting... don't worry, I'm too tired to burst into song. I had stuff I was going to say, but I can't think what, it may have been to do with the meandering conversation which has successfully traversed several blogs, but I don't think I have any more to add to that, not now that Helen has cleared it up with:

On the 9th Feb I said this:

"Like James am contemplating chances of receiving anything on Feb 14th. Chances are not good.
Grandparents think Mark will send me something. They called him my "young man". Heh..."

On the 10th Feb Mark said this:

"I'm inclined to wonder what the "Heh" was for. It could be hard to tell. I accused Helen of sounding sarcastic in chat on Saturday night and she'd only said two words. Maybe I think she's more sarcastic than she really is. But what of the "Heh"? Hmm..."

On the 13th Feb Ali said this:

"So anyway, what did I have to add to this whole little blog conversation? Well, not much really, I just thought it'd be interesting to have a long complicated conversation meandering across blogs. Though I am interested in how Mark was interpreting the heh. I think this lack of clarity in meaning is one of the problems of purely text based communication... blah... blah... So, what did Mark conclude that the heh meant? I couldn't really tell from his comment. He seemed to imply that he thought it was sarcastic, though I'm not really sure how heh could be sarcastic. Did he think it was a dig at him? I don't know, maybe he didn't but will now 'cos I've said that. I probably should avoid commenting further or I'll just end up confusing matters further."

Also on the 13th Feb James said this:

"Well, I chose to interpret the "heh" as a bitter, humourless laugh of despair at the innocent folly of the elderly and their simplistic interpretation of relationships in this, the fractured and post-modern 21st century; but that's just because I like rendering things as dramatic as possible *g*. I suppose it could be sarcasm, but to my mind sarcasm is far better expressed with a hearty "Hah!" than a trailing off "heh..." - of course that could just be an Australian thing."

And finally Mark said:

"I should probably clear up my thoughts regarding the now infamous “heh”. I only mentioned the sarcasm in an effort to indicate that I sometimes find it hard to tell what emotion Helen is conveying over the medium that is the Internet. Personally I think the “heh” was Helen expressing her amusement at her grandparents’ decision that I was her “young man”."

Did I muddy the water more there?

Today I answer the question: what did I mean by "heh"?

I did not mean "hah". As James points out, "hah" would have been a sarcastic sort of noise. "Hah" would have expressed contempt that Mark could ever be worthy of dating someone like me. "Heh" was deliberately vague because I wasn't really sure where I was going with the sentence and just wanted to kinda trail off. :)

James's bit about me finding my grandparents amusing is how I feel, though. My Granddad seems extraordinarily keen for me to actually date someone. He made me laugh. I could take this too far and embarrass Mark, but Granddad asked me how Mark was and I said, "Okay, he's starting being a policeman at the end of the month", and Granddad said, "Well maybe you'll find out more on Friday." Slightly confused, I said, "Yeah" and started talking about something else. And then I realised what Friday was. Yikes!

Interpret the "Yikes" how you will.

So, that's all sorted then, we know what the hey meant, there is no need for me to comment further on the matter, so I think that I'll go to bed. Though I do have to say that no matter what Helen and Mark say, I will not be ashamed of my childhood love of Phillip Schofield. I think that he was a great presenter, in fact he's still fantastic. I mean, he's been seen on such shows as the National Lottery. And erm, well, other things, he's clearly still a celebrity.

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